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What are the processes to get what you are into?



Why our website is different from other online purchase in Brunei?

Our website business model is positioned as OPEN BUSINESS PLATFORM. All the businesses and products are welcomed to join our website for business growth. Kindly click "contact us" button for further discussion.
To end-user, we source anything for you and it will reach your door at the lowest cost. If you cannot find the products you want in our website, please click "Contact us" button for further enquiry.

Must I fill in my preferred contact method after I place the order?

Yes. This is important for us to advise the stock availability and estimated time of arrival. We prefer to contact you through tele conversation such as Whatsapp or other social media such as messenger, line and wechat.

Must I make full payment before I order the electrical goods?

No. For electrical goods, you are required to put a minimum deposit for us to proceed with the order.

Why online credit card transaction is safe in your website?

Our online purchase is secured by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). It is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers.
When the letters "http" in the URL change to "https," the "s" indicates you are now in a secure area employing SSL.
We have also engaged Brunei Bank- "Baiduri Bank", as our payment gateway. No card information will be stored in our website. Should you need any assistance, it is easy to contact our local bank as they have a 24hr Hotline assistance.

What other available payment methods other than online credit card purchase?

Is there any Credit Card payment surcharge?

No. There is no surcharge for any Credit Card Payment. For 0% installment payment, there will be a minimum processing fees of 3% or B$50 whichever is higher from the bank for such installment scheme. This is subjected to different Bank installment scheme .

How long do you take to deliver the products to me?

Every model there is ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). Typically it only takes 48 to max 72 hours for items to arrive. We will personally contact you to advise the delivery date prior to your purchase.

What are your Delivery Charges?

Non electrical goods: The delivery charge is stated in the ordering process of every items. For e.g, the charge for items 2KG and below is $3 for Bandar-Muara district and $4 for other district.
Electrical Goods and furniture: $10 for Brunei-Muara district; $15 for Tutong; $25 for Seria and KB. Only one delivery charge for items sending to same address. For some LED TV, there will be free delivery.
While you purchase both non electrical goods and electrical goods , there will be waiver of delivery charges for non electrical items for SAME address delivery.

How about after sale service? Do you have service a center?

Can I keep track of the status of my order?

Similarly to other webpage, you can keep track of the status of order by clicking Order History from individual account page.

Can I still purchase after your business hour? Your business hours?

You can place your order 24 hours online. We will contact you for further service during business hours.

How about my privacy?

Please refer to Privacy section for more information.
Click "Contact us" button for any other questions.

2nd Hand Premium Outlets.

Why our 2nd hand premium outlet is different with other website?

How do I sell my 2nd hand items?

What are your charges for the items that I want to sell at your platform?

What is the maximum time for products to display at your collection center?

How do I buy 2nd Hand items?

FOR Commercial/ Project

Why some of the items do not state the price? Can I request a lower price for an increased quantity?

What mode of payment do we accept?

What should I do if I want to cooperate with you to bring in products and sell in your platform?