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Microfiber Towel
Chemical guys
CG Happy Ending Edgeless
*Red interior detailing towel cleans and dusts without scratching sensitive parts
*Bright blue color shows any dirt so detailers know when to flip to a clean side
*Softest touch microfiber towel for the most sensitive automotive surfaces
*Edgeless design eliminates surface scratches caused by hard edges
*Seamless construction for seamless perfection
*Ultra-delicate towel for ultra-delicate finishes
16" x 16" for ideal handling and control while detailing
*100% machine washable
*Color coded to eliminate cross-contamination and damage caused by improper detailing
Detailing Bucket (with Grit Guard)
Chemical guys
-Heavy duty materials and construction

-Tailored for Grit Guard and Gamma Seal for the perfect wash

-Live and rep the CG lifestyle—even as you wash your car!
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