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Kwazar Mercury Pro 0.5L Sprayer
Chemical guys
The Chemical Guys Special Edition Kwazar Dual-Action Spray Bottle is truly unique. Created with the official Chemical Guys colors, this bright bottle features the incredible dual-action sprayer which sprays two times for every pull of the twigger. The dual-action feature lets you get more product on the surface with half the effort. It’s perfect for waterless washing and applying clay lube when performing challenging detailing jobs.
Professional Spray Bottle with Sticker
Chemical guys
-Chemical resistant heavy duty bottle and sprayer

-Easy to read label can be written on to reduce cross-contamination between products

-Holds up against harsh chemicals and solvents

-Industrial strength sprayers
Black Bottle with Dual Chamber Sprayer
Chemical guys
-Inexpensive alternative to other bottles and sprayers

-Great for detailing products

-Can also be used for gardening, hair salons/barber shops, general cleaning, misting water on a hot Summer day, pet training or whatever your heart desires
Clear Spray Bottle with Spray
Chemical guys
-Chemical resistant heavy duty bottle and sprayer

-Clear PVC bottles

-Holds up against harsh chemicals and solvents

-Industrial strength sprayers

-Adjustable sprayer nozzles - fine mist to jet stream
Gallon Hand Pump
Chemical guys
-Easiest way to pump products out of a gallon into smaller containers

-Reduces spillage

-Will fit most gallon size containers

-Fits containers with a 38/400 thread size

-Regulates the amount of product with every pump
The Duck Sprayer(Spray Head Only)
Chemical guys
-Industrial strengthsprayer.

-Chemical resistant.

-Adjustable nozzle sprays from fine mist to jet stream.

-1.3 ml per stroke - 30-40% greater than standard trigger sprayers.

-Nozzle O-ring and piston cup made of chemical resistant Viton.

-9 3/4 inch stem – sized for 12 oz-32 oz bottles.
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