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Turmeric & Argan Oil
Medimix Turmeric & Argan oil

This unique formulation of Medimix turmeric and argan oil helps to exfoliate tired skin, effective for skin hydration and gives your skin the natural moisture that comes from pure moroccan argan oil.

For generations, Medimix has used age-old remedies to meet our modern-day needs. Today, this legacy has helped create a soap that can nourish, hydrate and replenish the skin, using the combined benefits of Turmeric and Argan Oil.

Aside from being effective in reducing wrinkles, Turmeric makes this soap an excellent skin lightening and exfoliating agent. And with Argan Oil, rightly called ‘liquid gold’, the soap heals and softens skin while also preventing damage. With regular use, this perfect combination will display its wonders, giving your skin a natural youthful glow.

The birth of Medimix dates back to a time when the cholayil family used viprathi oil as a cure to ailments of the skin. The year 1969 proved pivotal in the family`s legacy as Dr. Sidhan combined a timeless
tradition with a sharp acumen for business to develop a green bar of soap that could nourish and protect the skin. Medimix, over time, grew synonymous with skin care, the natural way.

Strongly rooted in ayurveda, this amalgamation of 18 herbs has been on a constant endeavor to spread the happiness that comes from having young and healthy skin. For generations, women and indeed entire families have placed their trust on Medimix and this is testimony to the magical properties that it holds.
Sandal-Growing Skin & Natural Protection
medimix sandal soap

sandal with eladi oil for glowing skin and natural protection.

eladi oil ingredients : sanskrit and botanical names with % composition

* sthulaila (amomum subulatum) : 0. 7188
* suksmaila (elettria cardamomum) : 0. 7188
* sarjaka (vateria indica) : 0. 7188
* kustha (saussurea lappa) : 0. 7188
* priyangu (callicarpa macrophylla) : 0. 7188
* jatamamsi, mamsi (nardostachys grandiflora/ nardostachys jatamansi) : 0. 7188
* valakam, hriberam (plectranthus vettiveroides) : 0. 7188
* mayurasikha (actiniopteris dichotoma) : 0. 7188
* satbalan (polygonum alatum) : 0. 7188
* sati (kaempferia galanga) : 0. 7188
* tvak (cinnamomum verum) : 0. 7188
* tvakpatra (cinnamomum tamala) : 0. 7188
* tagara (valeriana wallichii) : 0. 7188
* kachnar (casuarina equisetifolia) : 0. 7188
* jatiphala (myristica fragrans) : 0. 7188
* rasagandhah (commiphora myrrha) : 0. 7188
* mauktika sukti (pinctada margaritifera) : 0. 7188
* panchpatia (lpomoea pes-tigeridis) : 0. 7188
* devadaru (cedrus deodara) : 0. 7188
* agaru (aquilaria agallocha) : 0. 7188
* sarala (pinus roxburghii) : 0. 7188
* kunkuma (crocus sativus) : 0. 7188
* vanaharidra (curcuma aromatica) : 0. 7188
* guggulu (commiphora wightii) : 0. 7188
* kunduru (boswellia serrata) : 0. 7188
* khadira (acacia catechu) : 0. 7188
* punnagah (calophyllum inophyllum) : 0. 7188
* nagakesara (mesua nagasarium) : 0. 7188
* narikela (cocos nucifera) : 79. 8736

eladi oil content in bathing bar is 0. 2 %. In soap base made with sandal oil, perfume & approved colour.

natural herbal formulations tend to change colour over time, however, the product efficacy remains unchanged.
18 Herb Ayurveda
medimix-18 herbs ayurveda

18 - herb ayurvedic formula.

*nourishes and protects your skin every day. The unique formula has been enhanced to make the soap last longer and to keep your family naturaly healthy all- year round. .

*the unique formulation of medimix is clinically proven to provide effective protection against pimples, body odour, prickly heat, boils and other skin infections. .

ingredients :

* chitraka -375. 00 mg
* vanardraka - 180. 00 mg
* sariba - 20. 00 mg
* chopchini - 10. 00 mg
* nimba twak - 6. 66 mg
* dharu haridra - 3. 33 mg
* vacha - 3. 33 mg
* usheeram - 3. 33 mg
* dhanyaka - 3. 33 mg

*in soapbase made from coconut oil, natural oils, perfume and approved colour.

*natural herbal formulations tend to change colour over time, however, the product efficacy remains unchanged.
Moisturising-Glycerine & Lakshadi
*Since our inception in the year 1979, we have been betrothed in providing pristine grade Medimix Moisturising Soap. This soap is processed using quality examined natural ingredients such as lakshadi oil and glycerin by ingenious professionals with the aid of sophisticated methodologies. Known for its excellent moisturizing effect, the offered soap is ideal to be used regularly for obtaining refreshing skin. Furthermore, the provided Medimix Moisturising Soap can be purchased from us at pocket friendly rates.

Key Points:
* Heals skin allergies
* Softens the skin
* Mild in nature
* Skin friendliness
Beard Oil
The Natural bar
Beard Oil
Beard oil for the men.
Containns argan oil, apricot kernal oil, avocado oil to keep beard nourished and scented with a blend of lemongrass, peppermint and cedarwood.. 100% natural ingredients. Whats not to love!
Beard Balm
The Natural bar
Beard Balm
Beard balm for a leave-in treatment to nourish, repair and tame whilst providing a light hold. A tin full o` goodness with a signature scent of Grapefruit, Cypress and Peppermint. Man, don`t you smell good!
The Natural bar
Hair Serum
Anti Frizz hair serum with sweet almond oil and argon oil. Handmade with all natural ingredient, our hair serum can be used on both wet and dry hair to tame frizzy ends or alternatively as a scalp treatment oil to treat dry flaky scalp.
Hair Balm
The Natural bar
Tame Your Mane
A coconut, shea butter hair balm to tame frizz, flyaways or unruly curls. Organic shea butter is a natural conditioner which acts as a sealant for hair. Its emolliating qualities makes it excellent for locking in moisture while protecting the hair against damage from heat tools.Coconut oil, meanwhile, keeps hair strong, promotes hair growth and nourishes dry hair. Apply to hair ends when dry. A little goes long away.
Lip Scrub
The Natural bar
Lip Scrub
The peppermnt lip scrub! Made with organic and edible ingredients, this delicious lip scrub functions to remove that crusty, peeling annoying layer of dead skin on your lips for a softer, smoother lips. Its allows better penetration of lipbalms and makes your favourite lipsticks go on smoother and last longer.
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